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Short Story About Gujral Decorators

Gujral Decorators is an experienced and multi-discipline with vivid products based in Patiala, Punjab. It was established in 2006 by Simran K. Gujral, after gaining 15 years of experience in the field. Gujral Decorators is committed to designing excellence, quality and customer happiness. Dedicated to the creation of new and noble designs, the company takes pride in integrating architecture, interior designing and landscaping to develop most beautiful, ecstatic, and unique solution for our customers. Our approach is to first listen to your aspirations, thoughts and ideas to develop a design which fulfills your needs, requirements and desires.

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Since 2006, we have served 1321 satisfied customers and still counting…. in both residential and commercial across the nation. We have offered our services to some of the eminent customers.


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What Our Clients Say

Jasmine ahuja

We cherish the kitchen! It was absolutely the best activity! The design, floor and back sprinkle, are great. Much obliged to you for your info and awesome thoughts. It’s truly been a joy to work with you.

Ca anil arora

I just wanted to say thanks so MUCH to gujral decorators of the consultation – they are so helpful ! We’re very excited about turning our space into our place. Thanks again.

Tejvinder singh

“I was very impressed with there professionalism, and their willingness to go the extra mile to complete the job within the given time frame.”

Frequently Asked Questions

While discussing with their project with designer, generally the first thing , People ask - "What are the charges for interior design & consultation?" Actually, there can't be a simple thumb rule to predict this. It is important to understand that there is no one yard stick, which can dictate fee for interior designing. It depends upon many factors.

What are the charges for Interior design & consultation?

Project Type :Scope of Interior design vary from project to project. It might be Interiors for a humble residence, office, retail showroom or restaurant. Every project has different set of requirements and need a different design approach. Commercial interiors like that’s of restaurants, clubs, retail showrooms, fitness centres or hotels are often more complex than residential interiors. While residential interiors are governed majorly by client’s aesthetic taste, commercial interiors must take its ultimate users into consideration. For commercial projects, Interior design has its major impact upon ultimate user experience which in turn affect business in long run.

This is a common confusion among common peoples- “What are the key Differences between Interior designer & Interior decorator ?” Though from a non-technical perspective, both of two terms Interior designer and Interior Decorator looks same. While in fact, there is considerable difference between two terms. So how to differentiate between two. Let’s know how two terms differ?

Why should i pay for Interior design, when Retail/ Furniture store offering it free?

Usually people wonder and even ask us- “Why should i pay for Interior design, when Retail/ Furniture store offering it free?”. What is the difference between free vs paid Interior designing services. So from a designer point of view, What are their respective pros and cons and why you should not go for it?

There is nothing like free service-

There is an old saying “If you pay peanuts you get monkeys”. Now a day every retail and furniture store offering free interior designing services to woo customers towards them. Most of them employ a junior inexperienced interior designer to do this task for you.  Who is obviously inclined towards selling of their own inventory, rather than your welfare. They have little inclination or interest to provide good interior solution to you according to your needs and budget.

After sales service-

Most people’s looking for full interior services are often one time customer, so after a deal is done, any retail store has little interest left in them. Additionally, there is no personal relations involved in case of dealing with them. Most of peoples working in stores are just employees, who keep changing their jobs on routine basis like it happens in any other industries. So what is the drawback, if unfortunately any complication arise later, there is minimal chance of getting any assistance.

Unbiased Professional Advice-

There are very low chances of getting an honest advice regarding your queries from designer at Furniture/ retail store. Interior designer at will always be biased towards selling his own products. There are innumerable material options available in market for each category and whatever is designer at one particular store is recommending you based upon his own interest, may not be the best option for you.

In contrast, an independent professional designer usually not involved in any kind of direct selling except providing referrals. So, he is in more probability to give you unbiased recommendation for various products or materials. He will patiently listen to your requirements and suggest the best things from his own experience. Every professional, if getting paid optimally for his service, want to give one’s best towards his work. Because it contributes also to his professional credentials.

If Designer’s fee worth of it??

A civil or Interior project demand huge expenditure and efforts. There is hardly any scope for rectification once it done. A bad design will not just cause wastage of resource and space, but it will create inconvenience for you for its whole life time. Most of the peoples are unable to understand the fact that a designer’s fee is just a fraction of total project expenditure and an honest experienced designer can save you a lot more by suggesting a right material and optimum design.

We tried to explain Why you should pay for Designer’s efforts. Still you have any confusion or want more clarifications? Please get in touch and discuss with us. For a quick consultation, you can always come to our office with a prior intimation.

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